New Work

New work: is it? Perhaps I just redefine, keep refining ideas and never really move on – just develop and continue. My obsessions have remained the same since childhood.

My recent work centres around two new collections: “The Lock-down Series” and “Hidden Nature”. You can see the results by scrolling down this page. 

The Lock-Down Series

From March 2020 I found myself alternating between my studio and the living room television, trying to keep up with the latest Coronavirus developments as they unfolded.

This series of paintings reflects what I saw and read, and my reaction to the increasingly desperate news.

Hidden Nature

In September 2020 I took part with other members of Easterly Artists in the “Hidden Nature” virtual exhibition, exploring the themes of appearance and what can sometimes lie beneath the surface.

There was only room to show one piece in the exhibition itself, but it led me on to produce a complete new body of work.