Drawing was my first attempt to make art as a child and it has subsequently served to communicate, explore and record unrefined ideas, and to communicate a personal statement of expression.

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For me, drawing covers a vast array of activities that are akin to thinking. Exploring the boundaries of drawing is an important part of the visual process even while the drawing medium itself is, of necessity, evolving. My work explores the intersection of time and location with process and memory: the drawing seems to be partially rooted in the grounds of separation and loss, as a means of preserving and protecting a place or person. When drawing, I connect to a past state and a disruptive experience occurs – when it becomes infused with excess, with the transformative power of the gaze and the gesture.

I start with observational drawings and work in series, often developing several related images simultaneously. The surface is usually many layers of drawing, redrawing, removing, deep lines, shallow lines, old decisions, new decisions, abandoned directions, mistakes, accidents, conceptual unity, and endless possibilities and combinations of references to time, space and place. It is direct, intimate and spontaneous, and quickly reveals my roaming thought process.