I paint the places that I know, places that I love. If home is where the heart is, then each of these paintings is my home. As a child growing up in a small town in South Wales surrounded by mountains, I have never really reconciled myself to the fact that I have spent most of my life in London.

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To quote the late Kyffin Williams: “There’s a far greater permanence there — the permanence of the mountains, the weight of the mountains, the light of the mountains and the shape of the mountains”. These are the images which haunt me and for which I am forever searching when I visit new places.

Both my life and my art have been enriched through my travels across many diverse landscapes. The vibrancy of colour and texture in places like Morocco, The Pyrenees, Iceland and Mexico have affected me profoundly. I have found familiarities in the most obscure places: differences that infused my personal colour palette with the warmth and passion of their distinctive terrains, and I have responded with paintings that deal with ethereal moments and passing time. Almost like fractions of a poem – informed by bits of life, journeys made, stories told, notes in sketchbooks, scratches on walls and old songs.

In my work I concentrate on those moments between place and memory. I am interested in how the finger of time leaves its mark in this changing world, where the landscape seems to be shrinking and under great threat.